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22 December, 2012 / Rob

For sale :: my beloved WRX


So my WRX is finally for sale.  I have had this car for the past 8 years which means it has been a part of my life for a very long time.

I used this sale as an opportunity to get some last photos of her.

20121222-145042-_RLI8350 20121222-143652-_RLI8320 20121222-145330-_RLI8356 20121222-145102-_RLI8351 20121222-143809-_RLI8323 20121222-144915-_RLI8346 20121222-150108-_RLI8371 20121222-150041-_RLI8370 20121222-150015-_RLI8369 20121222-145746-_RLI8366 20121222-145558-_RLI8363 20121222-144716-_RLI8342 20121222-144636-_RLI8340 20121222-144542-_RLI8336 20121222-143902-_RLI8326

Some details about the car:

This car was fitted with the MRT XB Power kit in 2006 by MRT in Rhodes (adds 40KW and 30% torque).

This kit is essential 3″ piping from the turbo to the exhaust (including up-pipe), heavy duty fuel pump, ECU remap, etc. Full details can be found on the MRT website 

As parts have worn out, I have replaced them with higher quality after-market items, plus some other extras:

  • DBA slotted and drilled rotors,
  • MRT sports brake pads,
  • GFB pulley kit,
  • GFB short-shift kit,
  • Alpine head unit,
  • Pirelli P-Zero Nero tyres,
  • Satellite anti-theft tracking,
  • Tinted windows.

From the time capsule

I remember putting this clip from my old Sony compact (zomg it has video recording with sound!) on YouTube way back when YouTube was not a giant commercial television station.  Ironically, it’s got way more views than the videos I’ve created with Final Cut Pro hehe.

Sold – 29 December 2012

8 years I’ve had this car.  Since 24 December 2004 it has served me well (except for that stupid Brant alarm).  Sad day today.


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